Management Plan for the Cultural Resources of the Area of Philippi: Towards a holistic approach

The Management Plan for the Cultural Resources of the Area of Philippi is the outcome of continuous collaboration between the Municipality of Philippi (today Kavala) and the following parties:

The management plan was drafted to fulfill the requirements for the inscription of the archaeological site of Philippi on UNESCO’s World Heritage List and was funded by the Municipality of Philippi (2009-10).

The MP has as an ultimate aim and vision to ensure the preservation and safeguard of the Outstanding Universal Value of the archaeological site of Philippi while highlighting at the same time the rest of the values of the site and of the other cultural resources of the area.

Further goals for the duration of the management period is the sustainable management of the cultural resources on the basis of four axes:

The following principles guide this management plan and the process of its drafting:

The strategic participatory planning approach was implemented during the preparation of this management plan. Representatives of the aforementioned interested parties formed the Steering Committee and met at regular intervals to discuss issues, aims and strategies. Necessary material was collected through interviews, archival and bibliographical research, a questionnaire survey (among professional tour guides) and a visitor tracking survey. Dr. Anastasia Sakellariadi, archaeologist, took up the coordination, writing and editing of the management plan. Dr. Dimitris Papadopoulos, archaeologist, drafted a brief report on the potential integration of information and communication technologies (ICT). During the process, members of the Centre for Applied Archaeology and the Management of Archaeological Sites Master’s Programme of the Institute of Archaeology, University College London (UCL) offered advice.

For the version of the management plan that was originally submitted to the Greek Ministry of Culture click here.

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